About Us

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QuadraTron Games is inspired by the beautiful and the challenging. We continue to chase this dream of fun. While officially founded by Zenas Bellace, who tinkers in all manners of game development, he wouldn’t have gotten far without his fellow QuadraTron collaborators…

Core Team

zenasZenas Bellace
Programmer, Founder
He loves games that challenge the skill of the player while providing a visually beautiful experience. He busies himself with all the minor details of game development so others don’t have to.


christianChristian Plummer
Christian is a stubborn code monkey that breathes caffeine and will eat just about anything. He loves problem solving. If there aren’t any problems readily available he is quite proficient at inventing some of his own.



milaMila Pokorny
Mila mains as Kirby, but sometimes uses Peach in Smash Brothers. She also stops to pet every dog she passes. Sometimes she makes all the artz.


Keith Maggio
Keith hails from the thick forests of New Jersey to terrify unsuspecting victims with data structures and esoteric code. Last seen mauling a Mountain Dew truck driver.


travisTravis Carter
Travis is a Canadian artist and game designer now living outside Philadelphia. In his free time he likes movies, hockey, and puppies.


nicoleNicole Kline
Nicole is a writer, primarily of and about games. She’s one half of analog game company Cardboard Fortress Games, Senior Editor at Warp Zoned, and sometimes even blogs about her personal life at The Nicole Kline Experience. She likes cats, socks, cartoons, and playing games.


reneRenee Sima
Indispensable Intern
When Renee is not conjuring code from the whirling ether and binding it into this world for Quadratron, she can be found huddled in a corner on her 3DS, cackling maniacally as she spins the fates of her characters in fanfiction or laying the beat down on some scrubs in League of Legends.


“Quit reading this about page and go play our games” –Parker Whitney